Dom St. Stephan Passau © Passau Tourismus e.V. Dom St. Stephan Passau © Passau Tourismus e.V.

Sing-along concerts for active singers,
baroque concerts and culinary experiences

With the motto BAROQUE LIVE – music, culture & cuisine in the European Region Danube-Vltava, Linz Tourismus, together with project partners from Upper Austria, Germany and Poland, is inviting active singers and amateur musicians who love singing – particularly singers from (church) choirs (aged 55+) – to singing days/weeks in the European Region Danube-Vltava.

Under professional guidance, intersted people learn oratorios, passions, masses and other baroque compositions, and then perform these at baroque venues such as churches and palaces. The historical setting of the European Region Danube-Vltava is what makes this concert series so special and unique.

The singing days/weeks are supplemented with excursions into the region, such as Beer&Baroque through Lower Bavaria, an organ trip through the Bavarian Forest or a trip to the baroque theatre at Český Krumlov Castle. In the evenings, you have the opportunity to attend concerts, church music events and operas offered in the region while you are there.

These activities are not only available to active singers, since the baroque series is also intended to act as an incentive, attracting members of the public interested in music to the region. The concerts take place in December 2015, March/April/May and October 2016 in Upper Austria and Eastern Bavaria. 

Experience the wonders of a baroque region – with relaxed people who like to have a good time, with buildings and music, and with the chance to get to know others who love singing.

We wish you a warm welcome!